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Lyric tenor

Concert soloist

Jeff Award© winning actor

John Cudia Official Website


F E A T U R E D   R E V I E W S

"John Cudia, a young tenor who has already interpreted a magnetic Juan Peron in "Evita", gave Cassio vigor and youthfulness to justify the jealousy of the oldest and less attentive Othello...' Il Marco Polo


... as The Phantom is superb - a vocal powerhouse who delivers a heartbreaking performance perfectly balanced between longing and revenge."

The San Francisco Chronicle


“When John Cudia opens his mouth to sing “Some Enchanted Evening,” one has to gasp at the voice…there is no denying his talent or charisma, and there is no doubt why Nellie has fallen for him in a matter of only a couple of weeks.”

The Davis Enterprise

"Die-hard opera audiences can revel in the stunning tenor of John Cudia, a former Broadway Phantom who's equally adept at Verdi, making a regal and mellifluous President Perón. "


John proudly continues his association with THE BROADWAY TENORS and proudly announces joining THE FOUR PHANTOMS In Concert.  John is also available for teaching, coaching and lecture appearances.  Thank you for visiting!


Photo by Jiyang Chen 

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